Qualifications and Training

Police Officer

Basic requirements to become a police officer in the state of Alaska are governed by 13 AAC 85.010.  The Kenai Police Department complies with the listed regulations.  Applicants must meet the following state of Alaska requirements to be considered for hiring:

  • a citizen of the United States;
  • is 21 years of age or older;
  • is of good moral character;
  • has a high school diploma recognized by a state, has a diploma from a home school program recognized or certified by a state or by a local high school district within a state as having met that state’s graduation requirements, or has passed a General Education Development (GED) test;
  • is, certified by a licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or physician to be physically capable of performing the essential job functions of a police officer; and
  • is certified by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist to be mentally capable of performing the essential job functions and is free from any emotional disorder that may adversely affect the person’s performance as a police officer.

Additionally, we require that applicants possess a minimum education of an Associate's Degree from an accredited college or university, or a minimum of two (2) years of police, military, or law enforcement related employment experience.  The two years experience may be a combination of post-secondary education and work experience.


Police Officer Training

Upon hire, Kenai Police Officers are required to attend the Department of Public Safety Academy in Sitka, Alaska.  This academy is operated by the Alaska State Troopers.  The academy typically lasts for fifteen weeks and provides all of the basic skills and knowledge required of law enforcement officers in Alaska.  While attending the Public Safety Academy, officers will receive a salary, lodging and meals, as well as travel expenses.

Click on the following link for more information about the Department of Public Safety Academy: http://www.dps.state.ak.us/ast/academy/default.aspx

In addition to training received at the Public Safety Academy, all officers will participate in a fourteen week Field Training Program.  The field training program provides new officers with on-the-job training with experienced Field Training Officers (FTOs) within our agency. 


Lateral Police Officers

In order to be considered for a lateral police officer position, applicants must meet all minimum requirements of a police officer. 

Effective January 1, 2017, Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) may enter into reciprocity agreements with states that regulate or supervise the quality of police training and require a minimum of 650 hours of classroom and practical training for police officers.

Interested out of state lateral officers should contact APSC to determine if their police training will meet reciprocity agreements. Contact information can be located at: http://dps.alaska.gov/apsc/

If a lateral applicant’s police academy training meets APSC requirements, he/she will be required to attend an 80 hour Alaska police training academy.  This two week academy will be held at the Department of Public Safety Academy in Sitka, Alaska.  Lateral officers must complete this two week academy within their first year of employment.

Lateral police officers will participate in the Field Training Program. 



For more information about joining the Kenai Police Department, please call (907) 283-7879 or email Lt. Ben Langham at blangham@kenai.city.  For information about current job openings, click HERE.