Hiring Process

In order to ensure that top quality candidates are selected from our applicant pools, the Kenai Police Department uses a multi-step hiring process.  Steps of the police officer hiring process include:


Physical Fitness Assessment

Officers at all ranks must maintain a level of physical conditioning sufficient to perform daily tasks with vigor, alertness, and only reasonable fatigue and must be capable of all levels of exertion required to handle crisis and emergency situations. An officer’s level of conditioning must be sufficient that they can maintain good judgment and make correct decisions during and after periods of physical exertion.

To determine an applicant’s level of fitness, the Kenai Police Department uses the Cooper Aerobic Standard.

As part of the hiring process, applicants will be required to complete and pass the following minimum standards on the physical conditioning test:

  • Pushups – 25 total – unlimited time
  • Sit-ups – 27 total – one minute
  • 1.5 mile run – 15:12 minutes


Job Interview

Selected candidates will be scheduled for an oral board style interview at the Kenai Police Department.  During the interview process, applicants will be assessed in their current or potential ability to problem solve, formulate responses, communication skills and many other job factors related to the applicant’s suitability to have a career as a Kenai Police Officer.


Background Investigation

All applicants who successfully complete the preliminary testing process will be subject to a thorough and extensive background investigation.  This includes thorough criminal and traffic records checks, personal, military, financial, education and employment histories and interviews with persons who know the applicant.  The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether the applicants respect the law and the rights of other persons, are dependable, responsible, exercise mature judgment, exhibit honesty, and to determine the applicant’s suitability as a police officer.


Polygraph Examination

As a part of the background process, applicants will be required to participate in a polygraph examination.  The purpose of the polygraph is to determine the applicant’s suitability to become a police officer by verifying their honesty.  It is used in conjunction with other aspects of the hiring process to determine an applicant’s suitability as a police officer.


Psychological Examination

Following the successful completion of a polygraph examination, applicants will participate in a psychological examination.  This psychological examination is conducted by a licensed professional psychologist to determine an applicant’s fitness and suitability for police work with the Kenai Police Department.  All candidates must be found to be free from any emotional and mental conditions that would adversely affect their ability to perform the duties of a police officer.  The evaluation typically includes written tests and a clinical interview.


Medical Evaluation/Drug Screen

The final steps in becoming a Kenai Police Officer include a medical evaluation and drug screening.  The medical evaluation is conducted by a licensed medical professional to ensure that the applicants meets the medical standards required of police officers.  A drug screening will also be required of applicants.


For more information about joining the Kenai Police Department, please call (907) 283-7879 or email Lt. Ben Langham at blangham@kenai.city.  For information about current job openings, click HERE.