Scheduled Public Comment Request

Request for Council Meeting Placement

“Persons Schedule to be Heard”


Any member of the public may request an item be places on the agenda for a regular council meeting under “Persons Scheduled to be Heard,” and will be permitted ten (10) minutes to address the Kenai City Council. The request shall be made to the City Clerk, on the prescribed form, a minimum of (8) days in advance of the council meeting.


Topics that may not be addressed are as follows:


  • Items scheduled for public hearing on the agenda
  • Personal matters
  • Items upon which litigation involving the person or his/her representative and the City is currently pending.

Providing written statement/material for inclusion in the council packet is encouraged. Deadline for submittal is normal Wednesday, Noon, the week prior to the council meeting (unless a holiday changes the packet preparation day).

* Setup of electronic equipment MUST BE completed before 5:00 p.m. of the council meeting day. Contact the City Clerk for appointment (283-8231).
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