Building Permits


Building permits are required in the City of Kenai for the following:

  • Any building larger than 120 square feet
  • Any work requiring the installation of new plumbing, electrical or mechanical
  • New residential construction
  • New commercial construction
  • Alterations that modify plumbing, electrical, or structure of building
  • Any modification which adds square footage to a building
  • Decks over 30 inches off the ground
  • Fences over 6 feet tall
  • Demolition of any building (no permit fee)
  • Moving of any building
  • Placing Mobile Homes in Mobile Home Parks


Building permits are based on the following:


Residential Permit

  • Houses - $.28 per sq. ft.
  • All other residential structures - $.14 per sq. ft.


Commercial Permit


Mobile Home Placement


Plan check fees are an additional 50% of the building permit fee for residential and 65% of the permit fee for commercial.


Construction shall comply with the following codes:


  • International Fire Code (IFC) 2009 Edition
  • International Building Code (IBC) 2009 Edition
  • International Residential Code (IRC) 2012 Edition
  • Uniform Plumbing Code ( UPC) 2012 Edition
  • International Mechanical Code (IMC) 2009 Edition
  • National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014 Edition
  • International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) 2009 Edition
  • International Existing Building Code (IEBC) 2012 Edition


Sign Permits


A sign permit must be obtained prior to the installation of any sign, nameplate, or advertising structure.  The City of Kenai Building Official issues the permits.  If a building permit is issued, the signs for that building are considered a part of the value of the building and issued with the building permit.


The following rates are charged for sign permits for signs not covered by a building permit.


  • Electrical Signs - $25.00
  • All Other Signs - $15.00


Signs not requiring a permit include, but are not limited to, signs not visible from the right-of-way, political signs, construction signs, public safety signs, real estate signs, flags, holiday decorations, cornerstones, historical signs, building names, and street names.


For more information or to apply for a building permit, contact:


Michael Wesson, Building Official  

City of Kenai

210 Fidalgo Avenue

Kenai, AK  99611-7794

Phone:  (907) 283-8233

Fax:  (907) 283-3014

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