Harbor Commission

Pursuant to Kenai Municipal Code Chapter 11.10, the Harbor Commission shall develop, adopt, alter, or revise, subject to approval by the City Council, a master plan for the physical development of harbor or port facilities for the City. The master plan with accompanying maps, plats and charts shall show the Commission’s recommendations for the development of the City Harbor facilities, including development of the type and location of all public harbor facilities or the relocation, removal, extension or change of use of existing harbor facilities.


Further, the Harbor Commission shall submit annually to the City Manager and Council recommended capital improvements pertaining to public harbor facilities; investigate matters related to City Harbor facilities, tide or submerged land; act as directed or authorized by a tidelands ordinance adopted by the City; review all city leases of City-owned tidelands; make reports and plans for approval by the City Council; coordinate public efforts to the effectuation of approved plans; and, act in advisory capacity in the selection of a Harbor Director should such a position be created by City Council. 


On May 2, 2018 a Sub-Committee was authorized to review the roles and responsibilities of the Harbor Commission. (Expires on December 31, 2018)