Economic Development

kenai visitor's centerThe City’s Economic Development and Land Leasing programs are administered by the City Manager’s office. The City of Kenai manages two types of real estate.  One is known as Airport Land, meaning those lands that lie within the boundary of the lands deeded to the City of Kenai by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 1963. The other type of real estate is known as General Fund Land, which describes all other real estate owned by the City of Kenai that is not Airport Land. Lease Applications and Instructions are available on the City Forms page. Additional information about City lands available for lease is available through the City Manager’s office. 


KEDS Action Team


To guide implementation of the Kenai Economic Development Strategy, an Action Team was formed with broad representation from Kenai’s various stakeholder groups. The KEDS Action Team will develop their own operating rules and by-laws tailored to the specific needs for the final plan’s implementation. To advocate continuous support for the KEDS, this group will meet regularly to facilitate and monitor activities outlined in the plan, and most importantly to ensure that the KEDS is a living document, used by community groups and changing with community needs.


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